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    Price list:

    Vehicle 1-2 days 3-6 days 7-10 days 11-14 days 15-29 days 30+ days
    Škoda Fabia 1.0 35 33 31 28 24 per arrangement
    Škoda Rapid aut. 40 38 36 33 29 per arrangement
    Škoda Octavia 1.0 45 43 40 37 34 per arrangement
    Prices are in EURO, the payment is conducted in RSD by rate of exchange on the day of signing.


    The hirer agrees with terms and conditions and obliges to submit to these terms and conditions under full legal responsibility and, thereby, declares that the person operating the vehicle:

    1. Is, at least, 20 years old and owns a valid drivers license for at least 2 years
      1.1 will recieve the vehicle in fully operational condition without any damage or malfunction
      1.2 will return the vehicle within the agreed time-frame
      1.3 will provide maintenance, preserve the vehicle of any damage and provide regular check-ups and servicing within the time-frame noted optimal by the manufacturer.

    2. Agrees not to use the rented vehicle:
      2.1 under the influence of alcohol and/or any other substance that may compromise hirer’s ability to operate the vehicle
      2.2 for conducting any form of illegal activities such as customs offence, smuggling, etc...
      2.3 for driving tuition
      2.4 for commercial transportation of goods and people
      2.5 for involvement in any kind of racing or any other car sports
      2.6 for transportation of goods and people weighting over the declared value
      2.7 under legal driving ban.

    3. The hirer agrees to instantly and upon the lessors (lessor being, in this case, Grifon BiZ D.O.O.) directive, pay all the tickets and fines charging the lessor, as well as all the costs of the legal proceedings, that may have resulted as a consequence of hirers inobedience to law or any form of his/hers missmanagement.

    4. The lessor is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal belongings or goods held in a vehicle or any of its parts.

    5. The hirer will be held responsible for any damage on the vehicle, that may have arose as a result of his/hers or another driver’s (authorised by him/her) consumption of alcohol and/or other substances that may compromise hirer’s ability to operate the vehicle, or if the damage was made on purpose, as well as if the person operating the vehicle, in the moment of the occurance of damage, did not own valid driver’s license.

    6. In case of an accident, the hirer agrees to protect best interests of the lessor and his insurance company by:
      6.1 marking down names and addresses of all involved subjects
      6.2 not leaving damaged vehicle until its removal from the accident sceene, securing it and, immediatelly notifying the lessor about the incident
      6.3 notifying the lessor about even the slightest damage on the vehicle
      6.4 immediately calling the police in case of any accident and waiting for the police to show up and perform an investigation.

    7. If the hirer omits to conduct by the instructions noted in paragraph 6 of this paper, he/she will be held responsible for any legal and material consequences, penalties or damages that may have arose from his/hers acts.

    8. During the validity of the renting contract between the lessor and the hirer, the sole proprietor of the object of contract is the lessor, while the hirer does not acquire the right of ownership or exclusive tenure in any way, but the right of using the object and the right to be considered as the object’s immediate holder.
      8.1 the hirer does not acquire the right of retention or reservation of the object of contract, regardless of any possible material or non-material legal demand towards the lessor.
      8.2 the hirer does not acquire the right to alienate, financially burden, or sublease the object of contract. As an object of any legal proceedings or by any other terms, he hirer is strictly forbidden to:
     -alienate the object of contract.
     -forward the object of contract for usage to any other person not noted as user by the contract, or unable to use it.
     -sublease the object of contract or use it to practice rent-a-car business, driving tuition business or any other form of commercial utilization, except one the lessor and the hirer agreed upon.
     -lien the object of contract.


    In order to rent a vehicle from our agency, you'll need:

    Valid passport
    in order to be able to sign a renting contract with us.
    Valid drivers license
    so you can legally operate the rented vehicle.
    A deposit
    as our mean of insurance in case of possible damage or legal fees resulted by hirer's poor driving or inobedience to law.

    GRIFON BIZ wishes you a safe trip.